A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Seal Breaker is a small, atmospheric Action-RPG. It's inspired by games like Dark Souls. I developed it for a small game development event in my town.

Playtime is between 15 and 60 minutes, depending on your skill and experience. The game is meant to be played with a mouse!

In its current version it features three bosses, a tutorial, several weapons and a few spells. There are also a bunch of items like keys, potions, tokens and notes. There are also some eastereggs and secrets.The game is mostly supported by sound and music. Your progess will be saved.

You get experience from enemies to level up and spend them on four attributes: Power, Swiftness, Resistance and Willpower that have a small impact on your playthrough. The combat is based on Mana. It's used to cast spells and to dodge attacks. But it will only be restored when you are dealing damage with a melee weapon to an enemy to keep combat interesting.

Let me know what you think and have fun. :)

Note: Gamepad is currently NOT supported!


Seal Breaker ist ein kleines, düsteres Action-RPG, das durch Spiele wie Dark Souls inspiriert wurde.

Die Spielzeit beträgt ca. 15 bis 60 Minuten, je nach Können und Erfahrung in dieser Art Spiele. Das Spiel sollte mit einer Maus gespielt werden!

Aktuell beinhaltet es drei Bosse, ein Tutorial, verschiedene Waffen, ein paar Zauber und eine Menge anderer Items (Heiltränke, Schlüsse, Notizen, Artefakte..). Es gibt außerdem einige Eastereggs und Geheimnisse zu entdecken. Das Spiel wird durch Musik und Sounds untermalt. Dein Spielfortschritt wird außerdem gespeichert.

Durch das Besiegen von Gegnern erhälst du Erfahrungspunkte, die du für die Attribute Macht, Wendigkeit, Widerstand und Willenskraft ausgeben kannst, die deinen Charakter verbessern. Das Kampfsystem basiert auf das Haushalten von Mana. Zauber wirken und Ausweichen kosten Mana und nur das Verursachen von Nahkamfschaden an Gegnern stellt es wieder her, um den Kampf interessanter zu gestalten.

Viel Spaß beim Spielen und lasst doch Feedback da. :)

Achtung: Gamepads werden aktuell NICHT unterstützt.

Install instructions

Just pick the correct OS and unzip the files. Start the game as you would usually start a game.


ZIP entsprechend deiner Plattform runterladen, entpacken und starten.


Linux_011.zip (32 MB)
Mac_011.zip (31 MB)
Win_011.zip (17 MB)


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This game is great so far, played the first part of it the other day, hope more content gets added though, was a bit sad when I found out it was only 15-60 mins of gameplay. Here's the content I recorded of the game.

Like and sub, if you feel so inclined ;)


I love this game, has a nice simple story and fun and interesting game play. Final boss was good fun. When i left the graveyard and it said that was all, i thought no it cant end now. Would love to see more.


Hello! My name is Cataegis Ira, and I'm a Let's Player. I did a quick two-parter on your game here, and I have to say I really, really like it.

The video should be viewable by the time you see this, but if not, it'll be up in seven hours at the time of writing.

Anyway, let's get into it.

Some of the things I liked and disliked about the current iteration are already in the video, of which there will be a second at the same time tomorrow.

First off, the sound design is great. Even if the sounds themselves are off, the placement of each sound is great.

Secondly, the game handles quite well. The controls are tight, and they do exactly what I want them to do, when I want them to.

The variation in the weapons is also superb(I went and found the Rapier and the Axe after my playthrough ended and I stopped recording), though I would like to see more than just Fireball and Illumination(pardon, I may have missed a spell) in terms of spells. An idea comes to mind for necromancy. Raise a single(or even multiple) bodies of your slain enemies to tank and deal damage for you, but each minion drains mana for as long as it's up, requiring you to be in the thick of it as well, or burn through a large supply of consumables. Just an idea.

Anyway, back to equipment, I'd like to see, in the future, armor and trinkets, as well. Likely never anything heavy, since the character is a mage, but basic things, like a gambeson, leather vest, heavy greaves. Maybe a helmet. Just to vary up the builds a bit more. Heavier armor could require significantly more mana to cast spells and dodge, but in exchange, less damage is done to you.

All that said, I really do enjoy this, and I hope to see updates to the game in the future. Let me know if there's anything you need from me, including taking down this video series.

Thank you so much for the Let's Play and feedback! I love to see people play the game and comment while doing so. Helps me so much to improve. I like the idea of necromancy! More spells were planned, but I hadn't enough time yet to implement (technically it's possible to get the blue fireball of skeletons with some cheats :D ). More equipment (like trinkets and armor) is also planned.

I really, really want to make more and improve this game as much as possible, but currently I am pretty busy with other stuff. But I am sure this game will get updates in the future!


That is fantastic news.

I was actually really hoping I could get the blue fireball in game, because blue fire screams necromancy to me, because of the Necromancer from Diablo 2.

But, do let me know when there are updates. I will certainly test the game and give feedback on any changes or new content.


Brilliant, please make more!

Amazing atmospheric game!

One problem for me: can not get my gamepad to direct the character's view. The Look X/Y does not make any effect, although all the other gamepad functions work. The view direction always follows the mouse. Maybe there is a way to disable the mouse and to play on the controller entirely? (Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS, controller: Logitech Gamepad F310).

Thats true. I disabled the gamepad support because the switching between mouse and gamepad was buggy. Also the menus and inventory could not be controlled by gamepad. So I figured that I want to focus on mouse controls. But I forgot to disable everything related to gamepad, hence the movement is still available, but the viewing is not. Sorry!


REALLY fun! Can't wait for more gameplay!


A way to fix this: Don't make it in unity. Unity does many good things, but those are only making games fast. Not good. Try using OpenGL, it is amazing for making games, and many great ones have been made in OpenGL. If you find it too hard, since most unity "developers" probably would try LWJGL.

Many good games have been made with Unity. I think Seal Breaker is one of them.

Not sure if you realise it, but your comment was incredibly rude to the developer.


It seems cool and all, but feel very slow while playing, always (have only played the begining, I have to admit) struggling to find places to dash out ennemies strike. Why using mana(limited ressource) for dash and is there a way to protect yourself from attack like shields or parry? There's a real potential in top-down souls-like, and you seem to be skilled enough to make a good one, but from what I've seen the gamefeel isn't that good for the moment(slow and narrow all the time)


Thank you for your feedback (I really appreciate critical ones).

In the version I am doing right now I aim to solve most of you points. I want the gameplay to be more fluid and a bit faster. I will implement shields and the structure of the game will change. Currently it's very linear (and narrow). I want the world to be more open to have more paths that you can take and thus there will be more space.

However I don't want this game to be played like a "normal Hack & Slash" game. So it will be probably slower than most action RPGs (I want the player to thinkg about when to attack and see what will come from enemies).

I had the idea to put doding to the mana-pool since I wanted the player to be upfront to the enemy and use dodge when necessary and not to spam it. Since your attacks restore mana I thought this shouldn't be a problem. I admit that the situation when you have no more mana sucks.

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Ok, I think I got your point.

If I was complaning about the dash and mana it's beceause if I don't use my mana it's really hard to not get hit (using a dash or a spell from distance). And there's no way to protect yourself from a melee attack, except getting a bit lucky on timing, attack range and ennemie's timing attack isn't really clear(To me it lacks what I call in french "lisibilité" which makes a situation easier to "read"). Also in a fight the player is always walking back, that's common in a game where you play a distance character since melee is his weakness, but even whith a sword, you keep walking back while charging an attack or waiting the ennemy so fail his. That's why a shield or a parry is a good solution for these problems to me.

It's ok if you want your game not to be as fast-paced as any Hack'n'Slash, but walking from a place to another is boring, wanting fights ot be slower, more based on timing than spamming, is a good idea. I was maxing swiftness, not to hit faster, but just to not get bored while moving. Having the possibility to run would be great, a running mode in which your can't fight and have to draw your weapon next after which slow you down to a more appropriate rythm for a fight.

To much tombstone, I sometime feels like playing a leg-less character :D , I recommand yout to make transparent stuff hidding your character.

I was afraid to be a bit harsh for an "itch.io independant amateur cuty loving game" but I tried to be more respectfull and don't treat your work like my 5yo nephew's hand-drawn family house. So it's nice you take it easy


Don't be afraid to be too harsh. I know that this game has a lot of issues and it's hard for me as a developer to see each issue on my own. Having critical comments help me to identify these and hopefully make it better (which doesn't mean that I will implement each comment straight away).

I also had the feeling of "always" moving backwards, the game lacks some mechanics that "rewards" not to. A shield is a very good idea to at least stay at a certain distance and maybe a shield-bash (block + dash into enemies) could be something to get closer to enemies. Also I have planned to allow the player to customize his style of playing (e.g. play more aggressive, passive, melee, ranged, one-handed, two-handes, shield, magic) with certain game modifiers (e.g. the regain-system like Bloodborne or mana refresh when blocking attacks or increasing damage for sucessfull attacks in a row). A player will be allowed to choose like 4 modifiers by equipping certain items that he be can found in the game. I hope that the game will feel more unique to each player with that system.

The idea of different "move"-modes is nice. One in which you can't attack but move faster (travel-mode) and one in which you have your weapons drawn but move slower (fight-mode). I will put this to my list of stuff that I would like to implement!

With "lisibilité" you probably talk about more (visual / acoustic) feeback from the game to be able to know when to attack and when the enemy attacks. I tried this most of the time in the game (e.g. zombies make a sound when raising their arms and holding it there for some time before attacking), but it's true that it can be clearer. Especially for other enemies that only have visual cues.

Thank you for your time writing this. :)


It's YOUR game after all, and my opinion represent only my point of view after 20mins of gameplay so yeah take my comment as it is :D

Having the opportunity to try different fighting style is something I except from this type of game (but It's a lot of work to add so I don't mention it on unfinished project), that something I would love to try.

Yeah feedbacks, I don't know why I forgot this word :D

I'm pretty curious so let me ask you few things:

-Do you plane on making this game a product or only an amateur project?

-Is it your first game?

-How skilled are you on code? I mean do you know various languages, have you done years of work in a company, stuff like that?

-I would like to try Unity(2D), but for the moment I only got some basic knowledge in C (from my school) and doing some stuff with game maker. Do you think it's enough to start a project on unity, at least if I do their tutorials(ya know, the roll a ball, 2D ufo, 2D roguelike, procedural cave generation) or it's not good yet and I should have more experience on OOP first, or even in C#?


- My goal is to have released a "full game" before I have graduated university. I'm not yet sure if I will choose this game for this.

- This is far from my first game. I think it's rather my.. 30th game? :D However most of them were really unfinished and even smaller prototypes than this game. So I consider Seal Breaker to be the "first big game / prototype" I have developed. And it's the first game I released to the public. I struggled a lot with createing a game like Seal Breaker over the years (I always wanted to). I started out like 5 times and surrendered soon after (I lacked a plan, knowledge and motivation to pull it off).

- I started to study computer science 4-5 years ago. Since then I have coded in several languages (e.g. C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Javascript). I have worked mostly at university in non-gaming areas and in a small company that created Augmented Reality applications with Unity (first contact with the engine). I also attended some courses at university to learn making games.

- I would really recommend getting familiar with (OOP) programming in general before jumping on a big game engine. Pick a language you like and pick up a simple framework to render stuff to the screen and getting keyboard / mouse input from user (e.g. SFML, XNA / MonoGame). It's easy to think that an engine like Unity will make stuff magically work, but having a solid understanding of what Unity (and other engines) do in the background really help to create a game and it will reduce the frustration that might arrive working with them.

Some recommendations to start with:

- Start small, make simple games like Pong, Tetris, Break Out, Space Shooter and FINISH them. It's really easy to abandon projects and to start over and over again. It's really hard to finish them. Show them to friends and family get some feedback or upload them to platforms like itch.io. Improve from there. Make bigger / more complex games, but keep it yet simple. After some time you will find youself to re-use some code over and over again for a lot of different games. And thats the time you might want to jump onto an engine.

- Try to surround yourself with people that develop games aswell. Make games together with them if possible. Find blogs / YouTube channels / Facebook groups that create games to keep you motivated.

- Attend Game Jams (like Global Game Jam, Ludum Dare). You will learn a lot of stuff in a very short amount of time. Try to find Game James nearby and attend as a real person if possible.

- Make it a habit to create games. E.g. set yourself some goals for a week / month and work on them a little bit every day.

- Be patient. Developing a game is a very time consuming thing and it will frustrate you over and over again. Don't give up. It gets easier and easier.

Okay I will stop here. It's already a lot of text and I don't want to bore you. :D All of the above is just my experience / opinion. People might disagree and for some people other things worked aswell.

I hope it helps you a little. :)


When I read your first answers and afterwards your recomendations, I see you know what you're talking about, especialy when you say " However most of them were really unfinished" and recommend " FINISH them. It's really easy to abandon projects and to start over and over again. It's really hard to finish them." xD

Anyway thanks for all these answers. Well I'll try to implement A* pathfinding in my game maker project, and other before starting with unity.


I very much so enjoyed the duration of this game. Although short, I had a blast hacking down loads of skeletons and destroying dark-magic wielding tree things from the void. I hope more of this game comes out, as I will be needing to continue my 0 death run ;D!


its a really good game. can't wait to more comes out


Me neither :D


Really liked this, shows a lot of potential. I like the little touches, like healing and picking up items slow you down for a moment, tiny passages hidden in plain view, etc. Works great on Ubuntu 16.10, too.


Thank you!!. Also good to hear that it works on Ubuntu 16.10 aswell, since I never tried it myself on different platforms.




Awesome! I'm wating the full version


Mouse icon is glitched out and i can't turn, stuck facing left.


Really odd. For most people it just works fine.

Can you provide a screenshot or / and the log file? You can find the log file at the folder where your .exe file is located (where you downloaded it or with the itch app: rightclick my game, then "show local data"). There is a folder "SealBreaker_Data" and inside of that is the log file called "output_log.txt".

That would be a huge help! Thank you :)


I just uploaded a new version. The bug might be fixed.


mouse icon is default system icon so its not glitching, i guess you just disabled it
And i can now aim with the mouse!


I want to skip first game story Text.
So i try to type keyboard with clicking mouse but nothing.. so I close and delete
[I think this game good. but I don't like this type. some recently game show to much long story and no skips. so That make to boring..]


That's true. I didn't have time to implement the skipping (I had a hard deadline for a submission with that game). In a newer version it will be skippable. Thanks for your feedback :)


There is a new version. The intro is now skippable. Thanks for your feedback.


When the game comes out?


That is a good question. I am currently rewriting the whole thing to make it more robust. I would like to have a longer/better version in in several months. I also would like to release it someday. However I can't promise anything.


Thanks For the info


Wow.... Great game. I can't wait for more content.


Thank you. :)


You did an amazing job with this game, FF. The Dark Souls inspiration was felt in full force, and the gameplay was tight and tense. I really like the gritty atmosphere and the feeling of going up against the insurmountable. Really looking forward to where you take this!


I really appreciate your comment. It's good to hear that people enjoy playing the game, gives me huge motivation to keep working on it. :)


I just tried this build and I find it odd (to say the least) that you can't orientate your character with the mouse. I have to dodge in order to turn left or right, or face up/down.


The character is supposed to look (not visually, it just has graphics for left / right) at your mouse (indicated by the arrow around our character). That is not working as intended? Can you give more details on this? Or even a small video / gif?


For me the character was 'stuck' facing left or right. No matter where I moved the mouse, nothing happened. When I dodged that was the only time when the character changed his orientation. Sorry I don't have a video, I wasn't recording at that time.



i have this problem as well and i cant face either left or right and the wheel doesnt work and .. see the video

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Thanks for sharing. I uploaded a new version. I think and hope that this bug is fixed by now.